Levels: If you are a spy trying to find which level you are at, look at the level numbers and find your name. 
(You can level up by doing fun training. See Rebecca for further details.)

Level 1=Newbie-Anthony Amisano
Level 2=Beginner------
Level 3=Rookie---------
Level 4=Amateur- Jaymie+Ruby Fallon
Level 5=A Good Spy-----
Level 6=A Great----------
Level 7=Amazing------
Level 8=Speechless-Kaylyn Tsou
Level 9=Superstar-Jan Peng
Level 10=Spy Elder-Kelly Ye

These SL's (Special Levels) are only for spies who are above the Spy Elder (Level 10) Spies who are Level M2 and over are allowed to train other spies below their level and raise it (unless somespy above there level is a trainer).
Spies Superstar to M1 (Level 9 to Level M1) May help there Trainer train other spires if wanted.

SL 1= M1--------
SL 2= M2-------
SL 3= M3-Emily Ye+Rebecca Amisano
SL 4= M4-------
SL 5= M5-------
SL F= Master Trainer----------

*SL F stands for Special Level Final.